Mar 27, 2010

Strozapretti with oven roasted cherry tomato sauce

Strozapretti, gnudi and Malfatti are some of the names of this popular Italian dish. This recipe has been on my list for sometime now and when i got a tub of ricotta last week i decided to give it a try.

This dish comes from Lombardy and actually means 'not pretty' in Italian. Now that is being ultra rude to this beautiful fluffy pillows which i thoroughly enjoyed making. Though they look like gnocchi they certainly are not dense and heavy . The fact that it uses very little flour more as a coating makes it super light and delectable.

I adapted this recipe from Delicious days and it was served with sauteed cherry tomatoes. Instead i made a super simple oven roasted tomato sauce and sauteed the spinach dumplings with the sauce and served it with loads of Parmesan flakes.

Loved the fruity flavour and sweetness of the sauce with the delightfully soft and light malfatti . I am sure this is a dish that i will be making very often.

Strozzapreti with sauteed cherry tomatoes

Recipe source: adapted from Delicious Days
Ingredients (serves 2-3):
200g spinach175g ricotta
30g grated Parmesan
1 egg
freshly ground black pepper
sea salt
freshly ground nutmeg
flour for hands
50g butter
Oven roasted Cherry tomato sauce - 3 tbsp
to serve: grated Parmesan and freshly ground black pepper

1.Wash the spinach, remove bigger stems and cook or steam until soft. Let the spinach cool down, then squeeze out any excessive liquid and chop finely.
2.In a large bowl mix together spinach, ricotta, egg, grated Parmesan and season with freshly ground black pepper, sea salt and nutmeg.
3.Meanwhile heat a large pot of salted water.
4. Dust your hands with flour and take a spoonful of the mixture in your hand and flap it from one hand to the other to give it the proper shape and get rid of the extra flour. But you could also try to dust a spoonful (tbsp) of the mix with some flour and carefully roll it with your hands into the desired shape.
5.Now drop them carefully into the pot with the simmering water, in small batches. They are done, as soon as they float on the surface which takes about two to three minutes. Remove with a skimmer.

6.Heat some butter in a pan and add the Strozzapreti and some cherry tomato sauce and Saute for one or two minutes and shake the pan occasionally, then serve on a plate with freshly ground pepper and grated Parmesan.

Oven Roasted Cherry tomato sauce :

1 bag of cherry tomatoes washed and halved

3 garlic finely minced

1/3 cup olive oil

sea salt to taste

1/2 tsp chili powder

2 tsp balsamic vinegar

freshly cracked pepper to taste.

1. Toss all the ingredients together and place it in a dish and put in a moderate oven (180) for about 50 Min's .

Malfatti Served.....

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Beautiful pasta dish.Its very italian and well presented Looks delicious.


Looks simpler than pronouncing it. Any thing to do with cheeeeese is great. Pretti Gut Dish.

Pari said...

Hi Nadini, I loved the preparation, so much like the spinach gnochhi but more flavourful surely.
When I lived in Chennai I rarely got to see ricotta, glad to hear u get it there now, where do u pick ur stuff?

Cham said...

Simply delicious and beautiful the dish, never made at home!

Deepa said...

hey this looks so nice and tasty,,bookmarked..

Gulmohar said...

That's an awesome dish..nice presentation too :-)

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Thanks a lot that u visit my blog, otherwise I wwould never that such a creatively talented blog exists.....u just have a treasure of wonderful and innovative recipes...added u to my blog list to follow you.....pls do visit my blog again.....

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Wow...fantastic dish and droolworthy pics!

Akal's Saappadu said...

wow nandini,

that's a fantastic recipe dear, love the combination of spinach, cheese and the cheery tomatoes,must have been heavenly!!!this is something I should try!!

have a nice weekend Ms. Nandini!!!

Pedhakka said...

Nice clicks !!

sangeeta said...

Hi Nandini ..
it's my first visit to your blog and i am so happy i hopped in from Veggie Belly......

all the recipes i saw today are great n nicely prsented.
this ricotta based pasta looks really fluffy and the sauce is just the way i'd like.
i make a ravioli with the same ingredients but this is certainly more convenient than stuffing .....