Sep 20, 2010

Cream of Corn soup with Corriander and curry leaves....

This is an accidental recipe. Mommy was busy making cream of corn soup for some friends for dinner. Sonny dear walks in and offers to help. Mommy gives him the whisk to stir the roux... and then it happened,my other twin picks the coriander chutney which was made as accompaniment for the pakora and drops it into the roux. I was stunned ... but was surprised to see the transformation .... It started smelling so good that i continued to make it with the greenness and was so delighted with the outcome. My friends of course polished it off and asked me for the recipe.

Made this soup few times after the accident and sort of tweaked it to what i have now...

Ings :

Frozen sweet corn - 1 cup
olive oil - 2 tbsp
garlic minced - 1 tbsp
Soup bouillon -1
1 cup boiling water
Butter - 2 tbsp
Plain flour- 1 tbsp
milk - 1 cup
coriander leaves - 1/2 cup
curry leaves - few
green chillies -1
salt to taste

Method :
1. Heat olive oil and add the minced garlic and saute till light brown and add the corn and cook for few mins. Now mix the soup bouillon in hot water and stir till dissolved and add it to the corn. Let it cook till done and allow the liquid to reduce.

2. Let it cool and puree it.
3. Now grind the coriander, curry leaves and green chili in a fine paste. Add salt to taste.

4. Heat the pan and add the butter and when melted add the plain flour and let it turn light brown. Now add 2 to 3 tbsp of the coriander paste and stir well.

5. Add milk to the roux and let thicken a bit.

6. Now add the pureed corn .

7. Mix well and return it to the stove. Heat and thin it with more milk and hot water.

Garlic Croutons :
Garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
Salted Butter - 2 tbsp
Garlic - sliced thinly a few for garnishing
coriander leaves for garnishing
Bread - 1 slice
1. Mix the butter and garlic paste. spread the bread with garlic butter and cut them into small squares. Place a coriander leaf and top it with garlic slice on each square and toast it in the oven till brown.

Serve the soup with the croutons.

Can add the coriander paste for extra flavour while serving.

Sep 9, 2010

Strawberry and Banana Sandwich ...

Our friends from Brussels stayed with us during summer and their little dear Neha was coming to India for the first time. Both sides were little concerned as to how she would like to play with two boys and how she would take to Indian food. Kids indeed surprised us because it was instant friendship and they got along so well. Food also was an interesting exchange where my twins started to eat Banana sandwiches and Neha had Poori everyday. So this is a recipe which was a contribution from her . 'Boys have added several other things and tried several versions and finally we have sort of standardised to this one. I did a small variation this time. I used Malabar Plantains instead of the regular ones . That is another favourite with my kids. Sliced Plantains toasted in dollops of ghee or butter. They taste delicious and is a common snack in kerela.

You will need :
2 slices of sandwich bread ( I used Whole wheat bread)
2 tsp softened butter
2 tbsp peanut butter
1/2 banana sliced
4 to 5 strawberries sliced
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp jam of your choice ( I used Apricot jelly)
1 Tbsp choco chips

1. Butter both the breads ...

2. Slice the banana and toast them in a griddle ...Add a small dollop of butter...

3. Cook till they are golden brown.

4. Now sprinkle the choco chips for the first layer.

5. Place the toasted banana ...

6. Arrange the sliced strawberries on top of the Banana slices.

7. Spread the second bread with one layer of Apricot jelly. Next mix honey and peanut butter together and spread over the Apricot jelly.

8.Sandwich both the slices and place it on a griddle and toast for few mins on both sides till crisp and browned.

9.Banana and strawberry sandwich served.....

Verdict : It is something even adults will enjoy. The melted chocochip with strawberry and banana is surely delicious . It is also a healthy snack which can be fixed instantly.

Sep 7, 2010

Raita Galore...

Raita is something that i can live on... Honestly during the periods when i go on serious dieting this is one major comfort food that i always count on. I am sharing few of my tried and tested ones and my favourites.

Okra Raita :

Okra - about 10 to 15 cut into small rings
curry leaves a few
green chili cut finely
mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp bengal gram 1 tsp (optional)
Yogurt - 1 cup

Salt to taste.

1. Wash and wipe the okra dry .
2. Heat oil and add mustard, curry leaves and Bengal gram .

3. Add the okra and gently fry it till it turns little crisp and the ends turn brown.

4.Add salt to taste .

5. Beat curds and mix the cooked okra into the chilled curd and top it with chili powder.

6. Serve chilled.

Verdict : The crunchy okra soaks into the yogurt and the mild spice andcrunchy curry leaves makes an interesting blend of texture and flavour. This is something that you almost want to eat on its own.

Spinach and Dill Raita :

(Taken from Anju Anand's Cook book)

spinach - 75 gms washed

10gm dill sprigs

300 ml yoghurt

salt ,to taste

freshly ground black pepper to taste

3/4th tsp roasted cumin powder

Method :

1. Place the spinach and dill in a saucepan with little water and cook until soft.

2. Drain and squeeze excess water and finely chop to shreds

3. Stir the spinach into the yogurt with salt , pepper and roasted and pounded cumin seeds

4. Serve chilled.

Verdict : Love the blend of flavours from spinach and dill. Can be served as accompaniment with both Indian dishes and even with barbecued chicken and pitta bread.

Beetroot and Mango Raita :

(Adapted from Anjum Anand's New Indian cookbook )

1 small beetroot cooked and cubed

1/2 mango peeled and cubed

200 ml yogurt

1/2 tsp chili powder

1 tsp oil

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 heaped tsp sesame seeds

curry leaves few

Method :
1. Mix together the cooked and cubed beetroot , mango, yogurt, salt and chili powder.
2. Heat the oil in a sauce pan, tilt the pan and hold it in an angle so all the oil collects at the bottom.
3. Add the mustard seeds, sesame and finally curry leaves. When they pop and splutter , quickly pour them over the raita. Mix and serve chill

Verdict : I made two changes from the original recipe. I cooked the beetroot and added mango for a twist. Loved the crunchy sesame and the mildly sour mango along with the gentle sweetness from the beetroot. An amazing recipe from Anjum.