Nov 26, 2009

Minty coconut drink...

Having grown up in the land of coconuts i must admit i do have a soft spot for them and use it quiet liberally and lovingly in my cooking. Its delicate flavour, and the creamy texture gives an instant lift to any dish. Very often it helps to remedy goof ups , in my case i should say almost everytime. I am quiet poor in my judgements with salt u see! So cooking without coconuts would certainly make me go nuts!

What i am going to share with you is a supremely simple tender coconut drink with zingy lemon and mint flavouring. My favourite part in this recipe is that i get to use the meat too.

I took ..

Tender coconut water - 1 large glass

juice of half a lemon

sugar according to taste

crushed ice as much as you want

meat of one coconut

very finely cut mint leaves...

Now pour the coconut water, lemon juice , meat of the coconut and sugar in a blender and blintz it just twice...

Fill the glass with crushed ice and pour it over and top it with freshly chopped mint and enjoy!!!


Rina said...

luv to try this drink..nandini..

Akal's Saappadu said...

Dear Miss Nandini :),

first of all, thank you for taking the time to drop a word at my space; thankfully I had the chance to bbump into yours too :)

that's a delicious drink you have there;

yela neer kudichiruken, ulla irukkira yelam coconut -um saapitiruken, but this combination theriyaama poyidichey :):) lucky you!!!I miss that so much here!!!

nice refreshing drink; love the special touch with mint, this must be Mmmmmmmm and soothing !!!