Aug 15, 2009

pomegranate cooler....

Temperature in Chennai continues to mount and refuses to show any sign of mercy. Past two days has been really bad. Last evening the three musketeers,boys and me , went to the beach in an attempt to fly kites and get some breeze. mm.. mm. hard luck. No breeze and no kites. Finally we dunked in the sea and cooled ourselves.

Got back home and was yearning for something chill and refreshing. Ransacked my fridge for fruits and found pomegranate. Didn't want the plain old pomegranate juice . So i added few this and that and yep it was quiet refreshing and interesting. So i thought i will share it with u all.

Pomegranate cooler

Pomegranate juice - 1 cup
Ginger juice - 1/2 tsp
honey - 1tbsp
Rose water/orange blossom - 2tbsp
sugar - if needed
mint - very very finely chopped

1. Blintz all the above ingredients.
2. Check for sweetness
3. Top with ice cubes and finely chopped mint.

and sip.. sip... sip.


Muneeba said...

Looks perfect for the weather we've been having recently. And tips on how to make ginger juice??

nandini said...

hi muneeba to extract ginger juice grate ginger and place it in a muslin cloth and twist it.

Muneeba said...

Got it, thank you!

Veggie Belly said...

The ginger in this is genius! A great idea! I'm certainly trying this. I just wish pomegranates and pomegranate juice werent so expensive here in the US :(